Resisting The Obama Efforts to Rule by Decree

Let’s Imagine Net Neutrality Under Barack Obama

Let’s Imagine Net Neutrality Under Barack Obama

Not since the Berlin wall fell down have so many under the age of 30 found that the world is really coming around to a place where we can all truly be equal. They are not just excited about Obama’s near defeat of ISIL (ISIS to the rest of us) with his touchy/feely meetings this week in DC about “extremism and social media.”  To them that’s old news. Obama has a peace price and he’s defeated the bad guys. Of those remaining, jobs will fix them.

It’s time for Net Neutrality! (They say with glee)

I go to my share of tech blogs. They are almost orgasmic with their excitement about net neutrality. When you read the writings of the young millennials on the sites, you see they are finally getting what they want. They want a internet utopia where all men, women and trannies are created equal. Plug “what is net neutrality” into Google and you get this:


Wow – I am feeling warm all over reading that. How cool, they don’t us a capital letter anywhere in the “definition” a la google.

What REALLY is “Net Neutrality?”

It’s Animal Farm.

They are the more equal animals and we are the regular animals. Actually – those of us on the right are the animals that will be squeezed out of the process and ultimately targeted for attention.  Obama is not releasing the coming regulations attached to this net neutrality. Let me give you some I predict.


My Predictions:


  • Unlimited internet plans will be gone. That applies to mobile carriers and to your internet at the home.
  • You will pay more per gig just as this becomes a terabyte world. What I mean by this is that while you will like pay more per gigabyte, the needs we all have will require more and more gigabytes. Many will need 1000 gigs a month or more. 1000 gigs is a terabyte.
  • Obama will come after “hate speech” on the internet in all its forms.  If you run a website that opposes gay marriage, is okay with prayers in schools, disapprove of abortions, think that government healthcare should not go to illegals, use the term illegal aliens,  or anything else that is offensive to the left wing PC culture, you’re done. You lose your domain name. You lose your freedom as you be prosecuted. You lose money as bank accounts associated with such things will be seized,   \
  • The mobile carries that Obama likes will start to make increasing margins as Obama will let rates stay locked in as the costs of delivering the service goes down and down. The same for home internet providers. That’s the rate per gig.
  • Mobile carriers that he doesn’t like are doomed. Ask any General Motors dealership owner that did not support Obama in 2008 what happened when Obama was elected the first time.  They will tell you he killed their dealership, keeping only Democrat loved dealerships. Same here. Would a carrier defy Obama?
  • Fees for everything and everyone. Fees for usage means that fees will be charged based on the amount of data.  Fees for signing up. Fees for moving a line. Fees for dropping a line. Fees for using a IP address. Fees for servers installed in data centers. Fees for handling fees.
  • Your device will have to be open to NSA, ending any encryption.


Content Predictions:


Here’s a content prediction:  He is going to do everything he can to enhance the value of content created in Hollywood and by the music industry.

Here are a couple of ways:

  • Movie streaming is creating a burden on “the public internet” (that is privately owned, but he will claim is public).  That necessitates keeping newly released movies off the internet. So, maybe a one year hold, keeping movies off of streaming services. That would mean more people to the theaters and more people buying movies when they come out.
  • Music streaming stops. This would make you buy music, and not simply pay a monthly fee. Might require a year to let a streamer have music?  This is already suggested as being in the hidden regulations. I did not even make this one up.
  • Piracy police at an all time high. Those that steal content will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, pleasing all of those moguls in Hollywood. On top of that, your IP will used will make you guilty regardless of who actually did it.
  • Hate content is defined as content that opposes Obama or any special interest group. I realize this is mentioned above, but he will be able to stop blogs and other opposing content this way.


Get ready. This is only the beginning. Give us another Obama next, like Elizabeth Warren or even Hillary, and we are DONE.