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It’s Common Sense: Obama’s FEC wants to take Your Political Speech Away Forever

It’s Common Sense: Obama’s FEC wants to take Your Political Speech Away Forever

If you think the Federal Elections Commission is a paper tiger that cannot do anything to independent bloggers, you are very wrong.

What we do as bloggers is the same as Thomas Paine did when he published his “pamphlet” “Common Sense.” He was just some guy before that with a different job who decided to publish political commentary at great personal risk.

Saul K. Padover wrote of Thomas Paine: “a corsetmaker by trade, a journalist by profession, and a propagandist by inclination”.

While he started his political “inclinations” in Europe, when he came to the US he published “Common Sense.”

While I don’t claim to be of the stature of a Thomas Paine, I am doing exactly the same thing as Paine in putting out my opinion and backing it by facts and conclusions based on those facts. You know, common sense (the lower case kind we all have).

How would the Federal Elections Commission destroy us?

That’s simple. Overcoming what they could do would cost any of us affected tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. And we still might not win.

They could seize our internet domains. In June of 2008 I bought for $15,000. While domainers might think that was paying too much, I wanted what I saw as the best opposition domain to publish on Barack Obama. I knew his voting record and I knew his socialist inclinations. The guy I bought the domain from was from Chicago and had owned it two years. He was fearful of Obama and his regime back in 2008.

You think, “nobody can seize your domain if you own it.”

Many people don’t realize how a court can come in an seize domains. You see headlines like this one quite often:

“5,000 Domains Seized Based On Sealed Court Filing; Confused Domain Owners Have No Idea Why.”

That particular one was outrageous because a lot of different people owned domains through a particular registrar that is said to have committed some violations.

When the government comes after sites that have content they find “objectionable” we can only assume they will use the same sealed orders from a federal judge.

What reasons might they give?

  • Perhaps you are embedding videos that the FEC feels they should now have control over?
  • Perhaps you are endorsing a candidate with words that seem to be more “advertorial” in flavor?
  • Maybe you used “hate speech” on your site? You know, like using the phrases “muslim terrorist” or “Islamic radical.”
  • Maybe the FEC decided that a claim you made about the opposing candidate is not true. An example here, “Barack Obama’s childhood years in Indonesia (ages 6 through 10) seem to have made him very pro-Muslim despite the fact that he was born in the United States and came back to the United States.”
  • Maybe your site is linked off of a known “hate site?” Maybe someone posting to a forum on another site they decided to ban posted a link to your site. I guess that is hate by association, right?

The “reasons” will not matter, as you will only find out AFTER it is done.

Your only hope is that someone will come in and decide to take your case on to get your domain back. Do you think The American Civil Liberties Union would come in and protect conservative bloggers? Not likely.

Let’s say you can bankroll a very expensive appeal. You will spend a year or two going through the process, and your site will die on the vine while there is some “seized domain” message up that makes you look like you were stopped just in time from posting Obama’s overseas birth certificate.


The Federal Elections Commission is one vote away from fundamentally shutting down political speech in a big way.

We’re going to all need to learn how to operate in a world where our domains can go away without warning. We need to understand that we cannot let these people come in and destroy our ability to communicate.

He Hates All of Us:

Barack Obama hates all of us. Whenever he talks about “The Tea Party” he is talking about everyone on our side that has an opinion that differs from his own. When you hear the disgust in his voice, he is directing that disgust at all of us. When he slices his golf ball when the thought of any of us comes in his head, he hits it a little harder as he cannot stand that we still have the right to oppose him. He is going to do everything he can to shut us all down as he closes out his final two years in office.