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Boehner is No Hero… He has RINO Blood

Boehner is No Hero… He has RINO Blood

I am convinced that John Boehner cried more than a few tears last week, but they were not happy tears for us.  Seriously, he avoided the dreaded government shut-down.

Ronald Reagan did NOT avoid the government shutdown, and he won.  Do not listen to those left-wing pundits who claim Reagan lost, history is so clear on it.  He won, and he won big.

John Boehner proves that seniority is not reason enough to get the top job in anything.  As with a twenty-year tenured teacher that can be out-taught by someone that is her second year in the profession, Boehner is out of his league.  I am sure that the Obama admin is truly making minced meat of this man.


Think of this:

Do you have any doubt that when it was put out by the media last week that Joe Biden threw a fit in the meetings with John Boehner that Boehner cried and eventually caved?  Boehner is not a man of steel, or of bone.  He is a softie that just does not need to be leading our charge in the House.

Sorry about using the Biden image, but it needs to hit home: Boehner is not who we need in with Obama and the Demo-Socialist running the House and Senate.

I have no affection for Nancy Pelosi.  None at all.  I think she is an evil person who will burn all of us on the right at the stake if given the opportunity – BUT – she never cried a tear in front of Bush 43. She was his greatest advisory, and he eventually caved to the pressure in so many ways.  We need that kind of strength on our side.

My choice for Speaker:

Paul Ryan articulates our side better than just about anyone.  Who is better in the House than Representative Paul Ryan? Nobody.

Why can’t the House Republicans figure it out?  I have no idea.

What do you think?  Post and let us know!

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