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Atlas Shrugged Movie Review from

Atlas Shrugged Movie Review from

Okay, I am not a movie reviewer, but for a few minutes I am going to play one.  Just go along with it!

As so many of us have, I read this book decades ago and dismissed it as something that could never happen here.  I thought like so many other of these conspiracy situations that will take over our country while we enjoy the comfort of our lives, I thought this was just another in a long line silly books.  I was tired of hearing about the “Skull and Bones”” societies and the like. Over those decades the Democratic Party has changed into something far different than in my younger days.  I am 49 as I write this. That is the same age as our “beloved President.” The main difference between Barack and myself (besides enormous power and his incredible personal wealth) is that he was raised by those on the edge of society that favor socialism and hate the country as founded.

Let’s talk about the movie:

First – let’s visit the purchase online of the tickets.  An interesting experience.

I visit the URL as I always do to buy tickets.  They suggest the movie is not showing in my zip code, 75070.  That is in McKinney, Texas.  We are adjacent to Plano and Frisco, just North of Dallas.  We are a 25 minute drive to downtown Dallas.

Oddly, a lot of theaters that are listed as near me are – in fact – truly showing the movie.


We do find the movie. We actually bought tickets at instead as they showed the movie and times right away.

About the acting:

Remember – this is an independent film. The content and the anti-socialism take on the movie ran a lot of actors away.  It is clear that if you are in THIS MOVIE, you may have just appeared in your LAST MOVIE.  Angelina Jolie turned it down due to the fact that she is not anti-socialism… and she wants to work again.  Others obviously would not look at it at all.  For that reason, the acting is sub-par in most cases.

I find the performances of Graham Beckel to be outstanding as Ellis Wyatt.

I thought Taylor Schilling did a great job as Dagny Taggart.

Many of the others were a bit weak, but the content made up for it.

Let’s get to the message:

It is just fine that “the right” can have a message movie, too.  The message here 25 years ago seemed to apply more to Europe.  I saw Western Europe as giving into the stupidity of disarmament and losing their rights to free speech as everything became defined as “hate speech if it was not appreciated by the leftists / pseudo-Marxists.  I saw them attach the term “monopoly” to any American big business as they accepted the dominance of a De Beers diamond monopoly as the way things are.

Yet none of it seemed to touch the the United States.  Nothing seemed to apply.  I was even a Democrat back 25 years ago.  I just did not see the that party as one that wanted to take away all American freedoms.

When I read passages of the book again, I see we are truly headed down this road.  When you hear the term “Net Neutrality” you realize that it really means the opposite of what is claimed.  Every law is pretending to be something totally different. In watching the movie last night I quickly noted that “The Economic Fairness Act” mentioned in the movie that allowed for each person to only own one business was just the kind of stuff Barack Obama and his gang of economic thugs would do if given the chance. They would absolutely take businesses from those that they think “own too many” and then give them to those “that are deserving.”  You know, their cronies.

When they took General Motors from the debt holders in part and assigned some ownership to the union membership, was that not the same thing?  That is “being fair.”  Of course the union members had no contract that gave them ownership if the worst happened, nor should they have expected it.  Those that loaned money to GM in its dying days were cut back massively at the “request” of the Obama Administration.

The movie scores points all over for moving time forward about five years.  They say 2016.  That is just about right.  What was thought to be absurd all of those years ago is far from it. If you left Obama, Pelosi and Reed in charge for another full decade with all the power they needed it would be a done deal.  Republicans that were not behind bars would be serving tea to the President for Lifetime, Barack Obama.

Good luck to all of us.

Should you see the movie?  Yes.

Is it the best movie ever made? No, but it is very important.

Will liberals see it and change their mind? They are not allowed to see it, so no.


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