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Okay, Little Known Reporter from Huffington Post – Your Answers

Okay, Little Known Reporter from Huffington Post – Your Answers


This “genius” of the liberal persuasion asked some really stupid questions, so let’s save Cheney the trouble of answering them.

This “Dan Froomkin” is the one that asked the questions:

Here is a link to his story.  And… here are our answers:


“How Can You Possibly Not Call It Torture? And Just How Involved In It Were You?”

Dan, do you have about half an hour?  We have the water and the board. Let’s see if your man enough to Froompkin your way through it.  I am assuming Cheney was the one who performed the water boarding and enjoyed every minute of it.


“Why Torture Detainees If, On Top Of Everything Else, It Doesn’t Even Work?”

The answer: The capture of Bin Laden PROVES it worked. (Did you hear the buzzer? That is the sound of you losing that argument.)


“What Do You Consider A Violation Of Human Dignity, Exactly?”

Ten minutes listening to the voice of Ariana Huffington.  Listening to the opening two minutes of any Barack Obama speech.


“At What Precise Moment Did You Conclude That War With Iraq Was Inevitable?”

When I was watching “shock and awe” one evening at the pub near my house.  Cheney would probably answer it a bit differently. He might say when Hillary Clinton, Daschle, and John Kerry joined many others in voting FOR the Iraq War Resolution.  (See it here)  Dan, do you remember that at all?  All of the Democrats that stood up and voted YES to the resolution?  Most later denied it, blamed bush for this, etc.  Still – they were with Bush at the time.


“Did You Tell Scooter Libby To Leak Valerie Plame’s Identity As A CIA Agent To The Press?”

Sorry, Scooter didn’t do it. That is now well documented and not up for discussion.


“Just How Much Surveillance Do You Think The Government Can Do Without A Warrant?”

Seriously, you meant this for Janet Napolitano or Eric Holder, right?


“What About All The Spectacular Blunders You Don’t Mention In Your Book?

By “spectacular blunders,” Are you referring to the AOL acquisition of The Huffington Post?  That is the only spectacular blunder not covered in the book, and I am not sure that it should have been covered.

Or perhaps Ariana Huffington’s making personal millions at the expense of those that wrote for free or nearly free?


“Who Was Really In Charge The Morning Of 9/11?”

This is an easy one: Alexander Haig. (For the only slightly historically relavent Huff Post readers, THIS IS THE HISTORICAL REFERENCE.)


“Are You Familiar With A Man By The Name Of Karl Rove?”

Rove has been made a demonic figure by the left.  Those on the right have no need to blame him for everything that happened in the Bush administration. Those same conservatives on the right are thankful to George W. Bush for bringing a man forward who is now such an important voice in opposition to Barack Obama (on Fox News!).


“How Much Had You Had To Drink Before You Shot Your Friend In The Face?

Dan, your President took cocaine and you are asking about the Veep’s beer?  Nobody in the hunting party complained about that, and the victim is a true believer of Cheney.

QUESTION ELEVEN:  (Guess you had to make eleven questions so nobody would accuse you of doing a round number of questions.)

“How Much Did You Know About Halliburton’s Massive Bribery Scheme In Nigeria?”

My guess is that he coordinated the whole thing, and used the money to pay for the Bush 2000 Presidential Election.  I am sure that he took his orders from the Halliburton Board of Directors, in consultation with the CEO of Halliburton (likely also a board member).  Nigeria is hot for bribes, and there is nothing like going into public life after taking a bribe from Nigeria, right?



Dan, that was about as stupid a list as I have ever seen. Any idiot who asked Vice President Cheney that list of questions should be immediately fired and picked up by Current TV.  Didn’t I read something about you being fired from The Washington Post?  It’s a good thing for you that Huff has no such standards.





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