Transgender Surgery is Abnormal – I Certainly Will Not Teach My Kids About It

Let me be clear here:  While I think transgender surgery is not natural, I am not judging this Bono person.  I simply do not accept it as natural and I am personally opposed to it. Yes, I realize this is basically off topic, but Obama and liberals everywhere are embracing all forms of sexual oddities.  ”Chaz” Bono is definitely an oddity.

I honestly think any doctor that caters to those that claim such a need should make very certain that the subject of the sex change operation is mentally stable enough to make such a determination.  I honestly do not understand how anyone can come to the conclusion that they need to go from physically looking like a male and becoming a someone that exhibits female characteristics, or as in the case of this Bono person, going from outwardly female characteristics to outwardly male characteristics.

The Bono person only THINKS she looks less feminine.  The truth is that if an of us ran upon her on the street we would say, “that’s a woman.”

Pretending one is suddenly a male after having been born a female is fine to do in your own circle of friends.  Pushing it on the world and making yourself the poster idiot for transgender everywhere is not going to cut it with me.


Let me be clear about something:  I would never introduce this idea to my sons as I think there is no way a mentally stable person would make the decision to cut up his or her body to do a sex change operation. I certainly would not want to have to explain this to my sons. I will not.  I cannot say that the Bono person is unstable, and I assume she thought this through and decided to go for it. Whatever.

Again – pushing it on children is insane.  It is insane because the very act of butchering private parts to think that you are suddenly a different sex is absurd.

This is not a gay thing.  This is beyond those that are gay.  I believe gays are gays, and there is little that could ever have been done to change them.  This is something different.  This seems to me to be something that comes as the result of some terrible things that must have happened in the kid’s life.   Regarding Bono:  Who knows here?  Maybe just coming from two very famous parents that split in your childhood is enough to change you, and make you want such a change.

This is sad.  Sad to even have to see.  I hate the show to begin with, and I certainly will not see one second of it.

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