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Life’s Short, So Did Joseph Biden’s Son Attempt to Become a Client of Ashley Madison?
Loyal Trump Followers – Looking for Co-host for Online Radio Show & Guests
Retweeted by Donald Trump – We’re very proud!
Conservative Twitter: Explained from the Binge and Purging Perspective
It’s tough being famous, so @megynkelly needs to take ten days off. Why not ten years?
Cannot get a warrant, so we have to ignore the constitution? That is what @ChrisChristie says

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I have to throw Rand Paul out of my favorites for 2016
Dear John (Kerry):
Al-Qaeda top dog pledges to implement Sharia and continue jihad
A MUST READ FROM GATEWAY PUNDIT: Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the Pelosi Clan
Admin Official Says Republicans will KILL 70,000 Kids
Must See Video: Senate Candidate from Illinois Sums Up ObamaCare in Once Sentence
With Obama and his Libs, Forget About Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion
IRS Commissioner didn’t bother to mention email backup contract abruptly ended as Lerner issue started breaking
Let’s Review Herman Cain’s Published Nine-Nine-Nine Plan
Want a Strong Military? Marco Rubio may be your candidate
So @HillaryClinton puts out a fact sheet about “the emails” – forgetting to mention #TopSecret emails
The Election’s Message for Elizabeth Warren
Liberal Media Dreams of 3AM Phone Calls Shifting the Election to Obama
So Lois Lerner’s Confidants at the Federal Election Commission LOST their Emails, Too!
As Nobody Speaks Up, As Mayor Bloomberg Stands at Inattention, ‘Wall Street Occupiers’ Desecrate the American Flag
Obama uses IRS to go after Tea Party Groups
Pakistan: Muslims shoot Christian for stopping their harassment of Christian girls
Only jobs left in Baltimore that actually pay? Government – 1200 over $100k a year (to manage RIOTS)
Secretary of State Says, Assad of Syria Should Go – Guess We Have to Spend Billions
Did the #GOP actually sit for months on story that @HillaryClinton’s email contained TOP SECRET Classified Info? Yes!
Gallup: Obama Reaches Record Low Level Approval Rating and Should Realize He is Not Worthy of Office
The @realDonaldTrump is Doing Great in Iowa, and has a great ground game!
Obama Called them JV, Now they are taking Christian Children as Brides
Brooklyn: Muslim pleads guilty to aiding jihad terror group
One Night Only – CNN Becomes the Conservative News Network as it Hosts Tea Party Debate