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Hey Libs: It’s not about Dogs; It’s about Freedom and the Economy

Hey Libs: It’s not about Dogs; It’s about Freedom and the Economy

Let’s be clear about this upcoming election.

The liberals see Romney breaking out, and they just have to change the agenda on what is important in this upcoming election.

What did they suddenly decide is so important? Dogs.

Dogs are not really important to them at all. The truth is this is all about creating a total smokescreen over the changes they have pushed on this country, and the left’s ultimate desire to keep building the debt of the country up for what has to be a certain collapse of our currency in an Obama second term.  With that instability – and a new, virtual financial collapse – this is exactly what will yield the kind of turmoil and anger that it takes to get Obama his fully Socialist or Communist regime.

I think this is about changing more than that in the second term of Obama. Likely he wants to change the constitution, swap out a couple of conservatives on the SCOTUS, and finally stick it to his critics as he reinvents a way to extend his power well beyond the 2016 election. That’s why we have to stop him now in this election.

Bag to dogs – and puppies: 

Have no doubt, Obama enjoyed the dogs he at (“tough” he says).

He even yearned for tiger meat: “He [Obama’s stepfather] explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.” (From Barack Obama’s memoir “Dreams From My Father” – written by ???)

Again – they are creating such diversions that really mean nothing in order to take the average voter’s eye off the ball.  Some I know will start crying over Romney’s dog crate on a car, and give him the free pass as a child on the dog food (or dog as food!).  I could care less. I am sure Romney’s crate was way less dramatic of an event and was likely done safely.  I am sure that Obama did not have a choice on eating dog meat.  All of that means NOTHING.

It is about freedom.  They want to take more and more of it away.  Sometimes I wonder why Obama would be doing so many power grabs before his second election is assured. Does he not realize that all of the new power he has pulled into the Presidency, the Executive Branch and the government agencies he controls will shift to a Republican when he loses? I wondered that, then I saw his conversation with the hot microphone with Russian President Medvedev.  Clearly he is totally delusional and thinks he will win without a doubt.

It’s about the economy, too.  If we give this man another term, he will destroy everything and turn us upside down.  All of the safety nets we have counted on will be doomed, while he never submits a budget and congress never passes one. The default will be a collapse of our country as we have known, with the rise of something Obama has planned on all his life.

This has clearly been his dream for decades. We need to understand this man.  He is not good for this country.  The ballot box in November is really the last time we can stop much of this. Let’s stop it.

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