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Thousand Dollar Handshakes! That’s Obama’s Fee!

Thousand Dollar Handshakes! That’s Obama’s Fee!

We are not sure whether or not she paid $1000 for this handshake, but apparently the cost is $1000 if you want a hand shake.  This on

President Obama’s fan base is willing to pay through the nose to get a glimpse of him. In fact, supporters in Dearborn, Michigan showed up today to shell out $1,000 just to shake the hand of The One.

“A thousand dollars is a lot of money,” Lonnie Peek, one of the fortunate few to touch Obama personally, told CBS. “But other folks are kickin’ in for their candidates, so what you do is you bite the bullet. You wanna have your conscience good, to feel that this is what I did. You know, you go without a couple of meals. We can miss a couple meals.”  READ IT ALL HERE!

Tell us what you will pay to have Romney in so you never have to pay to shake a President’s hand again!

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