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New Law: On a Whim, the Secret Service can Stop Your Protest and Make You a Felon if You Continue to Protest

New Law: On a Whim, the Secret Service can Stop Your Protest and Make You a Felon if You Continue to Protest

Did you realize that a new law was passed that cut your rights to protest massively if you are protesting someone protected by the Secret Service? This one I heard about from a friend, but did not find it at the time. Now I have.  Wow – this is incredible.  Note that Occupy protesters on the left are upset about it as are anyone that might value free speech on the right.

A must see Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses this: 

Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony

Two more articles on this after the break!


Read about it from the LEFT: Story “You Can’t Occupy This: The government says the anti-protest bill was just a small tweak of the existing law. Don’t believe it.”

Read about it from the RIGHT:  NAPOLITANO: Can the Secret Service tell you to shut up? New law protecting officials from hearing criticism is unconstitutional

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