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What’s the ‘Real’ Jobless Rate? Is it Really 22.3%?

What’s the ‘Real’ Jobless Rate? Is it Really 22.3%?

The other day I was reading a liberal blogger on Google Plus I follow, and he was pushing the absurd agenda that the jobless rate should be about 7%. They do some calculation based on the affect of “Republican obstructionism”, and then do a deduct from the current official rate.  Of course that never explains why there are MILLIONS of fewer people with jobs now as compared to the day Obama came into office.

I saw this calculation showing 22.3%.  This from


So What Is the Real Number That Obama Would Prefer You Don’t See?

The real unemployment rate is an eye-opening 22.3%, according to John Williams with Shadow Government Statistics . . . nearly triple the “official unemployment rate.” 

But as alarming as this number is, certain experts — like Dick Morris, John Bolton, Lou Dobbs, Newt Gingrich, and Larry Kudlow — believe our economic situation could get much, MUCH worse. 

There is more!

Read more here: Jobless rate is inaccurate as Obama Plays a Numbers Game

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