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The Biggest Obama Lie – And We All Will Hold This Liar Accountable

The Biggest Obama Lie – And We All Will Hold This Liar Accountable

I am getting sick of hearing the latest Obama Bullsh**. They claim that THEY are holding the deficit down. What a pathetic lie.

I realize the average Democrat is very stupid, and truly believes this. Union people believe as they are told.  The Dem leaders sit around all day and attempt to top each other with lies, and then write cover stories all backing up the lies of their friend.  Finally – at the end of the day – they all sit back and watch MSNBC and hear their lies regurgitated by total idiots with microphones and cameras.

This is the biggest yet. This is total F’ing BS, and should be slammed in their faces as they go down in flames in the November elections.

The above is one of the thousands of spam emails I get from the Obama Propaganda Machine.  Let’s say that Joseph Goebbels would be proud of them for trying.  I am sure he would.

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