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Why it Really Matters What Obama’s Daughter Malia is Doing

Why it Really Matters What Obama’s Daughter Malia is Doing

Whether she is traveling to Mexico with a group of friends or simply going to a concert about a half hour from the White House, it is relevant what the elder Obama daughter is doing. What you see here is the Obama’s giving into their daughter – as they have every right to do – as anyone would that has ten million in assets and no sense of public accountability. However, trips to Mexico are really out for most Americans, as the country is simply not safe for Americans without a Secret Service detail and the complete cooperation of the Mexican Government. I do not think I could get that.

The concert is fine, however, attempting to scrub it from existence shows that the Obama’s are really just trying to make sure that the average Democrat voter still feels like the Obama’s are with them.  A daughter that gets all she wants, including private vacations to Mexico, frequent trips around the world with mom, and near front row seats at any concert of her choice is not really connecting with “the 99 percent” now is it?  (Should I say about 47%?)

I am not using her name so it is key worded and I am not allowing comments on the post, but seriously, these Obama’s are not who they claim to be.

FYI – I have far less assets than the Obama’s, and I give my family as much as I can always.  I do not resent them for doing well by their daughters. I just do not like them playing class warfare games, yet living in a way that those they pretend to represent cannot. That is what this post is all about.

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