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Obama’s Barber: Flown in Twice Monthly from Chicago to Give Obama Hair Cuts

Obama’s Barber: Flown in Twice Monthly from Chicago to Give Obama Hair Cuts

Is Barack Obama an Elitist? 

Yes.  Here’s more proof:

I am sure we have all noted over the years the many times leading democrats have gone out of their way to get a special hair cut. I appreciate that this guy only charges $21 once he gets to Washington, but who is paying his way twice monthly?

Now, this is seriously wrong.  This is the POTUS pretending to be “just one of the folks” as Bill O’Reilly would say, however, he lives his life like one of the most elite folks in the world. On top of that, he is the one that has started the biggest class warfare fight in the history of this country.

This is absolutely pathetic.


More coverage of the POTUS haircut:


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