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Romney at Solyndra: Simply Brilliant PR Move to Prove a Very Real Point

Romney at Solyndra: Simply Brilliant PR Move to Prove a Very Real Point

I have been very impressed with the Romney campaign, especially lately.  This move to put Romney in front of Solyndra is pure genius. When I saw the first image there I thought “wow – I cannot believe the libs on the left did not pull those signs down.”

You watch: Those Solyndra signs will be down before the end of June. I am sure they do not want another chance for another photo op!

Then “The Axelrod Debacle”

Above, the Romney supporters who shouted down Axelrod.

Below, from a CNN screenshot Axelrod losing his cool as – finally – Republican protesters wreaked havoc upon a Democrat event:

In the words of Charlie Sheen, “Winning.”

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