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Obama Says the Accusations Suggesting Leaks from his White House is “Offensive” – Time for a Special Prosecutor!

Obama Says the Accusations Suggesting Leaks from his White House is “Offensive” – Time for a Special Prosecutor!

Barack Obama’s days of people believing his denials is OVER.  How can he think that ANYONE would believe him when he suggests that he is not continually spiking the football. 

This quote from Today’s News Conference:  (From USA Today)

“The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive,” Obama said at a brief White House news conference. “It’s wrong.”

He said his policy is one of “zero tolerance for these kinds of leaks and speculation.”

“If we can root out folks who have leaked, they will suffer consequences … we will conduct thorough investigations as we have in the past,” he said.


Note to Obama: You and yours are behind the leaks, and YOU KNOW IT!  Good luck on the cover-up!


Source: USA Today


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