Resisting The Obama Efforts to Rule by Decree

I’m Not Saying Obama is a Liar, But Privately Members of Israel’s Mossad are Calling Obama a Liar (and worse)

Israeli officials dispute the Obama administration’s claim about the Stuxnet virus.  From Joel Pollak’s story on (source below) we get these facts:

  • High ranking Israeli officials say Stuxnet was an Israeli project, and not a “jointly developed” project by the U.S. and Israel.
  • Lives of Israeli operatives were placed at risk by the Obama administration’s leaks.
  • Some high ranking Israeli officials see this as a blatant attempt to claim credit for Stuxnet to better Obama’s chances to get re-elected.

We need an independent counsel to hold the Obama administration accountable, and we need that process well under way in ADVANCE of even the conventions this summer. To allow this to go on unchecked as a pump to the Obama campaign is an outrage. 

Source of the basic information behind the bullet points: – By Joel B. Pollak – OH NO YOU DIDN’T: MOSSAD AGENTS CLAIM OBAMA LYING ABOUT STUXNET

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