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Do Conservatives and Republicans Hate Gays?

Do Conservatives and Republicans Hate Gays?

I was listening to the incredible mind of Mark Levine a couple of days ago. He reminded me of something I had long forgot:  Ronald Reagan’s 1978 opposition to  The Briggs Initiative /aka/ California Proposition 6.

I was a Democrat back then. I was in my mid-to-late teens living in Texas in the home of … local … but mainstream journalists.  Yes, my parents were in the local media, but were every bit a liberal as anyone at the time. My dad had been on local radio in the 50’s, then the tv anchorman at two of the local stations in the late 50’s through about 1966.  After that he joined the very liberal leaning Corpus Christi Caller-Times.

How liberal a house was it? Let me put it this way.  Even before George W. Bush was president, I am almost certain she was blaming Bush 43 for everything that went wrong in the 1970’s. Wait, it was all Nixon’s fault. My mom saw Ronald Reagan as a “bigot.”  In fact, everyone she did not like was a bigot. She took a lot after Nancy Pelosi.  She died in 1995… a loyal Democrat.

Back to The Briggs Initiative: I remember Anita Bryant pushing this big time. It was really the end of her endorsement career as she was the very embodiment of “Florida Oranges” before this. After this, she was sent out to pasture.  Yes, she was massively anti-gay.  So much so, she really looked bad.

Now – this post really is about those gays that flipped off the portraits of Ronald Regan, Bush 41 and Bush 43.

Matty Hart – Best known in life for flipping off Ronald Reagan’s portrait in The White House as Obama Officials likely looked on and laughed.

Did they ever note what President Reagan did to help gays? His coming out in 1978 against California Prop 6 meant that prop was defeated. He was the reason it failed. Without Reagan coming out against it, it would have passed without question. Conservatives and Republicans do not hate gays. We want to reign in this massive spending. Yes, there are those who are on the extreme in both parties, but that does not mean you flip off Ronald Reagan when he did more than just about any elected politician to help gays.

Person (gender and name not known to us) also Flipping Off Reagan.



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