Urgent Notice

UPDATE:  We do NOT own 2012NOBAMA.com – We are NOBAMA.COM

We are being accused of sending “text messages” to cell phones.  The offending messages are coming from a reply address of 2012NOBAMA.com – not NOBAMA.COM

Just so you know, we have never sent text messages to anyone regarding Nobama.com. We have never sent text messages to anyone at anytime, other than our personal text messages among our family and coworkers.


I have now received a couple of forwards of this text. Here is the content:

First, note the domain is NOT “NOBAMA.COM.”  It is 2012NOBAMA.com.  That is owned by someone else, and in checking out the domain you can see they have not even put up a home page. 

This is not us. You can go and buy a domain with any numbers in front of it, and it is a different domain.  2012yahoo.com or 2012google.com are not either yahoo.com or google.com. They are fully separate domains.

I hope this clarifies it for everyone getting these texts.


Email me at [email protected] and I will respond.

Thank you!

Publisher, Nobama.com


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