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I Like Condi, but No Way

I Like Condi, but No Way

Reasons Condi Rice should not be the Vice President:

  1. She would likely hurt the ticket.
  2. She is a Bushee.
  3. She was WRONG many times (by conservative standards) on the issues of the day. 
  4. Global Warming – She’s a hottie… but not in the sense we like. Yesterday’s headline at CLIMATE DEPOT says it best: Warmist Condi Rice for Romney’s VP?! Flashback: Rice laments Bush rejection of Kyoto — Rice believes not ‘promising to seek alternatives to Kyoto was a ‘self-inflicted wound’
  5. She is pro-life, and that is going to undermine some of the conservative support for Romney. Keep in mind many conservatives do not trust Romney on that topic to begin with. This would bring out their paranoia. Personally, I do trust Romney.

Honestly, I really do like her. If he chose her, I would support the ticket.  I just see so many better candidates. He has to go with one that is not so tied to our buddy, George W.  He needs one that can stand on her (or his feet) and make the right (as in conservative) choices. Condi is not that woman.

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