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Romney Should NOT Leave Palin out of GOP Convention – or – It Will Damage Him

Romney Should NOT Leave Palin out of GOP Convention – or – It Will Damage Him

Ed Morrissey of reports on Newsweek’s article on the subject.  His analysis is likely spot on:

After reading the article, there doesn’t appear to be much in which to respond, frankly, except one point.  The article seems to be pretty heavy on sourcing from Palin’s camp, and very little from Tea Party activists. In fact, it seems veryheavily sourced from Palin herself.  The one comment made by “one adviser associated with the campaign” was that they thought Palin’s contract with Fox would preclude her from speaking at the convention, which Palin refutes herself on the record (and Fox concurs).  It looks like a shot across the bow, leveraged through Boyers with some very weak Tea-Party-is-angry dressing, aimed at Team Romney to give Palin a platform in August.  We’ll see if the message is received, and what the response will be.

Read his full article here:

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