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Bloomberg doesn’t understand that the First Amendment and the Second Amendment are there to Protect Citizens from Bloombergs

Bloomberg doesn’t understand that the First Amendment and the Second Amendment are there to Protect Citizens from Bloombergs

I am getting more and more exasperated watching Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaking out about everything. How could he have ever called himself a Republican? No way on Earth.

As we see Bloomberg continue to bloviate, it is obvious that he thinks the government should control everything we do.  Clearly he does not respect the Tenth Amendment, given that he wants the federal government to step into everything.  He would strip us all of guns to protect ourselves from morons like this shooter today in Colorado.  Guess he did not consider what a few well placed legal gun owners could have done in that theatre? I do not even think that the shooter would have committed the crime in Texas or another state with more liberal conceal and carry laws.  Too much of a chance that the shooter might meet another shooter.

He wants our big gulps. He wants us to eat hot dogs en masse when at Coney Island. He wants to take all of the good things off the menu so we can look gaunt in our old age like he does. He does not appreciate it when those he disagrees with have a platform in the media or on their own blogs.

Well, Mr. Bloomberg, you’re not taking our guns away. I do like how you are taking them away from thugs in New York City. That’s your city. You are doing it properly. Good for you.  (Chicago needs a lesson, for sure!)  But if you think legal gun owners are going to say, “here, Mr. Bloomberg, here are my guns” you are as crazed as the shooter in Colorado. You are as crazed at that guy in the White House (POTUS).

Now, go back in your hold and be Mayor. Do not think about running for El Presidente, as you will not win. The GOP and the Tea Party will not have you back! Cya!

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