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Breitbart’s Joel Pollak gets interview with Tea Party Patriot, James Michael Long

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak gets interview with Tea Party Patriot, James Michael Long

Joel Pollak, editor-in-chief and in-house counsel for, scored a great interview with the man wrongly accused by ABC New’s Brian Ross of being today’s shooter in Colorado.  READ IT HERE

Make sure you read this one. This could happen to any of us. The MSM is so ready to pounce on “tea party members” that they put their wishful thinking ahead of their “journalistic integrity.”  Okay, I generally like Brian Ross, but he is still MSM.  This interview shows you have your life is torn upside down in an instant when they wrongly accuse you of anything.EXTRAS: EXCLUSIVE: INTERVIEW WITH JAMES MICHAEL HOLMES, HISPANIC TEA PARTY MEMBER FALSELY ACCUSED BY ABC

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