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Let’s Revisit Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Let’s Revisit Sheriff Joe Arpaio

I published this a while back:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an Idiot – And He Makes Us ALL Look Bad

It made a lot of people mad, and they just did not get my point.  It is obvious that Barack Obama has a very dubious past. I doubt just about everything he says regarding his past.  His books are basically works of fiction on par or worse than James Frey and his “memoir” “A Million Little Pieces.” Oddly, they both were promoted by Oprah, and I sure wish she would have the Barack Obama “come to Jesus” show like she did with James Frey and call Barack Obama out on his fantasy version of his past.  But she’s not going to do that.

Okay, back to Arpaio and his investigation of the birth certificate. If you know independents, they are done with the “birther issue.”  The left would love for us to stay on point when it comes to that investigation, as they basically have solid proof that Obama was born on American soil on or about August, 4, 1961. There is so much evidence that says he was born here that to say otherwise is really silly.  I never liked conspiracy theories, and I consider this one to be just that:  A conspiracy theory.

Now, do I solidly believe he was born on American soil? I would give that a strong probably, although there is always the chance he was born a bit earlier than August 4, 1961 overseas and brought back to Hawaii to be made a pretend citizen. Yes, the possibility exists. I just don’t believe it. I cannot rule it out. 

More important than not ruling it out, there is nothing to rule it in.  You go and find me a birth certificate from overseas that has his name on it, and we will still have arguments. Yes, I know of “Barry Sorento” and all of the details there.  But, seriously, that is not conclusive.

Let’s get to why this is bad.  It is just 109 days until we elect a new President – or we get stuck with four more years of a true Socialist / Marxist / wannabe Communist. The way we get stuck with that is by turning off the independents and others who might otherwise vote for Mitt Romney. This absolutely turns them off.

If you want to trace a conspiracy theory worthy of political discussion, make those links back to 1980 that put devout Marxists as his mentors. Track down those lies he has told over the years, and prove those wrong. Work to set the record straight when it comes to Obama’s finances and Tony Rezko. There is so much to go after, sticking with the “birther” theme is going to cost us votes.

Here is my opinion of Sheriff Joe Arpaio:  

He is a shameless self-promoter that is all about Joe Arpaio.  Unlike most of you, I have heard enough inside stories of the man to know that I would not want to spend too much time in Maricopa County, as he rules with an iron fist once a person is under his control. I do not see anything good about him.  While he is a thorn in the side of Barack Obama, I guarantee you that Obama welcomes that thorn as Arpaio totally undermines conservatives, Tea Party members and Republicans.  He is not good for us. Like I said in my last piece on him, he is not better for our cause than Christine O’Donnell (remember, “I am not a witch”).

Tell me what you think! Let’s be civil. 


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