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Hateful Tweets from the Left

Hateful Tweets from the Left

I love it when someone tweets me, then blocks a reply.  Often you click through on the URL and you see what they are really all about.  Here’s a guy that is doing some kind of multi-level marketing type of scenario, and yet he is calling me “greedy,” “racist” and “anal retentive with icewater in his veins.”

Now this is what he does on the web that is linked off of his profile:

 I have never done a MLM of any kind and never would. He could be the one that is successful, where everyone is doing so well they have to send in their “unsolicited endorsements.”  Who know and who cares.

This guy needs a life.

Being against Barack Obama is being for sanity in economics and sanity in government. He he wins, this country faces a fiscal calamity.

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