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Just what kind of person considers Jeb “ruthless” and too “conservative” to be President?
I have to throw Rand Paul out of my favorites for 2016
O’Malley has No Problem with Donors to Clinton Slush Fund, Including Reporters Who Gave
If you scientifically question “global warming” you WILL LOSE YOUR FUNDING
Did Pakistan Really Know Bin Laden Was in that Big House? Likely, Yes
Pudgy Rep Alan Grayson Goes Hog (no relation) on When Asked About His Cayman Banking

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Announcing Obama’s Very Bad Week: Let’s Pray the SCOTUS Ends Obamacare
MSM Brings Up Romney’s Mormon Religion and Word ‘Cult’ in Effort to Smear Romney and Other GOP Leaders
Despicable: Newsweek Uses Anti-Mormon Stereotype to Diminish Romney
It’s Common Sense: Obama’s FEC wants to take Your Political Speech Away Forever
Why is Obama is AGAINST a Border Fence? Here’s the Best Argument FOR a Border Fence
Obama & Bernanke Save The World by Adding to our National Debt
QUESTION: Can the Obama EPA be anymore stupid than this? ANSWER – No
Another Fraud from the Pathological Liars, Barack Obama and His Administration
Christine O’Donnell is Worthless to the Tea Party, Conservatives and the Republican Party
Kim Jong-il is now ‘Beyond Ill” as 2011 appears to be “The Year of the Dead Communist” (Hugo: It’s Not Too Late to Join the Party!)
Holder Scares Congressional Intern for Taking Notes During a Lecture
Great Video that Tells Toure of MSNBC How Damaging His Comments Are
Obama’s Midterm 2010 was a Humiliating Defeat, Yet Nobody Told Obama He Lost
Solyndra Special Coverage – SF Bay Area NBC Station Reviews its Solyndra Coverage
The Election’s Message to Hillary Clinton
Obama: You are Tiny When Compared to Ronald Reagan – Do NOT Make the Comparison
Keynesian Economics is Just as Dead as John Maynard Keynes
Gallup: Obama Reaches Record Low Level Approval Rating and Should Realize He is Not Worthy of Office
It’s Islamaphobic to have a Catholic funeral procession
Obama Says Texas Burned Due to “Global Warming” – I Say Texas Burned Due to EPA, Clinton-Gore, a Judge, Bush 43, and OBAMA
Administration Leader and Campaign ’08 Head: Iran has its man in The Obama White House… David Plouffe