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Text Version of the Alert in Gary Johnson Article

Text Version of the Alert in Gary Johnson Article




Important Alert!

We recently spoke to Brazil Resource (TSXV: BRI & OTC: BRIZF) Chairman Amir Adnani, he told us something that we thought we should pass on to our members immediately.

Amir is traveling to Florida and California over the next 2 weeks to speak to institutional investors, brokers, and retail investors about BRI.

In fact, the event in Florida is being hosted by none other than Casey Research, this is important since our members are literally learning about BRI before many of Casey Research’s most prominent followers. Amir will be speaking about BRI to them directly and since he has also been named one of Casey Research’s top resource entrepreneurs, we assume that he will be received extremely well to this crowd of investors.

We believe BRI is of the highest possible quality when it comes to a well structured junior mining company.

Please read our full report below. We will have more information this week, as well as the release of our CEO interview tomorrow! We expect this video to go viral in the resource community as gold investors will be shocked to learn about Doug Casey and Rick Rule’s heavy presence in this little known gold company.

Amir has a track record of building solid companies and has been building successful businesses since his days in college.

This morning’s email below…

The most legendary resource investors are involved in Brazil Resources, Doug Casey and Marin Katusa of Casey Research and Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management, their KCR Fund owns 16% of Brazil Resources.

Many people will have to pay to learn about this pick! Not today, not if they are a FutureMoneyTrends.com member! Please read the details of Brazil Resources below, you need to see what kind of package has been put together here, you won’t see this again.

Their stated objective is to become in the very short term a mid-tier gold producer and they have some SERIOUS players involved!

Company: Brazil Resources Inc.
PPS: $1.33 & $1.36
Website: BrazilResources.com
Ranking: Highest Confidence for Both Short Term and Long Term

Brazil Resources is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets in the gold junior mining industry.

Brazil Resources trades on the TSXV under BRI and the OTC under BRIZF. Since its home exchange is the Canadian exchange, please note that we will refer to them as BRI, however, it makes no difference as to where you purchase their shares if you choose to partner with them.

BRI is tightly held with 39.4 million shares outstanding with over 70% of shares held by insiders and six institutions. As already noted, Doug Casey of Casey Research and Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management, KCR Fund has about 16% of shares, Brasilinvest, which is part of the oldest bank in Brazil, holds 10%, and the Encompass Fund holds another 15%. BRI estimates there are about 10 million shares in the public float.

The Encompass Fund has received several notable rankings from Morningstar, #1 International Fund, #1 World Stock Fund, #5 of approximately 16,000 funds tracked by Morningstar.

Brasilinvest Group is a leading merchant bank in Brazil. Seeing the oldest bank in Brazil take a 10% ownership in BRI is HUGE, as banks don’t normally own shares of companies, they typically loan money out. However, when it comes to BRI, this bank wanted all in!


Last year when BRI did their initial public offering (IPO) they controlled 5,000 acres of land in Brazil. Today, they control over 300,000 acres in top Brazilian gold districts and are actively looking for advanced stage projects to pick up in Brazil this year!

The team that has been put together for BRI is nothing short of absolutely incredible, with over 10 million ounces of gold discovered in Brazil!

Amir Adnani – Founder and Chairman of BRI, founder and CEO of Uranium Energy Corp (1 in only 5 producers in the U.S.), and is ranked as one of the resource sectors top entrepreneurs by Casey Research. Amir is the REAL-DEAL, we have an interview that we will release Monday, Amir is truly one of the great entrepreneurs of our time. Make no doubt, in 20 years he will be a household name like Jim Rogers or Donald Trump! Amir has a track record of building business.

Steve Swatton – President and CEO of BRI, former head of BHP Billiton’s Global Exploration Department.

BRI also has two very notable Directors. The first is Enzio Garayp, the former Exploration Manager for Kinross in Brazil who directly oversaw the 8 million oz expansion of their 15 million oz Paracatu Mine. The second director we want to mention is none other than Mario Garnero, the Chairman of Brasilinvest Group, the Merchant Bank that owns 10% of BRI.

The BRI relationship to the oldest bank in Brazil and having their Chairman on their board is VERY strategic.

Ever heard the term it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Above are two pictures of BRI Director Mario Garnero, to the left is him having a conversation with Brazillian President Rousseff (2011-present) and in the picture to the right is him having a personal chat with former Brazillian President Lula da Silva (2003-2010).


53,263 acres in the emerging Gurupi Gold Belt
Located near land holdings of companies such as Jaguar, Luna, and Kinross
Strong infrastructure with road access and electrical connections
Prospective potential to generate several near-surface deposits
BRI controls 4 early-stage projects with good potential
BRI stated plan is to acquire advanced stage gold exploration and development projects in Brazil in 2012.

BRI’s goal is to become a mid-tier gold producer soon!

Look at this as a business opportunity because BRI has some SERIOUS players involved, the management and investors are clearly looking to do something big here!

To learn more about BRI, please visit www.BrazilResources.com where you can download a company investor presentation.

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