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The Gary Johnson Campaign: It’s all about Pot and Penny Stocks

The Gary Johnson Campaign: It’s all about Pot and Penny Stocks

Sometimes when you have a candidate that is struggling in the polls, you have to throw a few Hail Mary passes. You have to decide what your message is. Then you have to go out and get the message out. While Gary Johnson is getting a surprising 5.3% according to a poll by JZ Analytics, he is likely to see far less than that in the general election if history is our guide.  Gary Johnson has struggled to be heard… by anyone. They man who could not get on stage during the majority of the GOP debates proved the party right when he bolted to become the Libertarian candidate for president.

NOTE: We did get the Gary Johnson campaign’s comment before we published, and that comment is at the bottom of this article.  They did not get the full text of this article in advance, but were given a few bullet points as to what we intended to cover. See that at the end of this article.

Like I said:  It is hard to get heard by anyone. Sometimes you have to say yes to just about any “media outlet” that comes your way. Let’s bring in the penny stock promoter web sites to push the candidacy.

This is “Future Money Trend” – A Very Well Done Stock Promotion Site.

By penny stock site standards, the site Future Money Trends is a very well done site. That is to say it is slick, has real information that someone might really benefit from, and it has the ability to bring in non-penny stock interviews because nobody bothers to vet the site for what their primary business is. This site makes the majority of its money off the promotion of penny stocks.  

Did you notice that Brazil Resources banner below the interview screen? They were paid to promote that company. Here are the details: “Brazil Resources (TSXV: BRI & OTC: BRIZF) – … paid us fifty thousand dollars in connection with distribution services for Brazil Resources.”  What does it mean when they say “distribution services for Brazil Resources? Here’s a look at that:

They send email alerts out to get people to take notice of the stock. Above you can see what we have found in an inbox that signed up for their alerts months ago. Let’s look at that first alert from Future Money Trend:


 We realize you cannot possibly read that image that small. We have uploaded a larger image HERE and a text version of that alert HERE

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