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The Gary Johnson Campaign: It’s all about Pot and Penny Stocks

The Gary Johnson Campaign: It’s all about Pot and Penny Stocks

What you see in these charts is a mixed bag, but generally the stocks are falling. Why should Gary Johnson care? 

We do not suggest he does not care. We are suggesting that he did not properly vet this news outlet. While the site Future Money Trends does an outstanding job at most of the information on their web site, their business model clearly is promoting penny stocks. As you can see from the trends above, the trend is not good. When someone goes to the site to view the Gary Johnson interview they are hit with banners for the promotional penny stocks, email sign-up forms that encourage one to join the list that will bring the new member penny stock promotional ideas, and a lot of valuable information on the markets. Their analyst is great on the market.  I have followed these people for years. Myself, knowing investor relations, stock awareness and more, I know to look past the sponsored information to get what is truly valuable on the site. Others may not. Gary Johnson’s followers likely know nothing about penny stock awareness programs. In all fairness, they likely know the subject of pot very well. We do not want to sell his followers short.

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Out of an abundance of fairness, we certainly wanted to get the Gary Johnson campaigns comment. Here it is:

Governor Johnson gives a great many interviews to a wide range of news outlets, websites, and blogs.  In no case does the granting of an interview constitute endorsement of or agreement with the nature of those outlets or any commercial interests that might be involved.
Joe Hunter
Communications Director 
Media Relations Team
“Gary Johnson 2012″




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