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Dear RINO’s: You Destroy Michele Bachmann at Your Own Peril

Dear RINO’s: You Destroy Michele Bachmann at Your Own Peril

I will be the first to admit, I have not been keeping my eye on the ball when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood taking hold in the Obama Administration and in Hillary Clinton’s State Department. When I first heard that Michele Bachmann had put out the now infamous letters, I thought to myself, “Oh, no – what did she do to herself?”  

The truth is she put her reputation on the line to bring up some very valid points. We all know how Barack Obama simply hates Israel, and everything they stand for. I most certainly understand that he and Hillary would love to see Israel go back to borders not of 1968 or 1967. I think it is valid to say that in the privacy of a cell call to one of Barack Obama’s many government issued iPhones or Blackberry’s, Barack and Hillary are there planning on turning back the clock closer to 1948.  You know, undoing what was done by Harry Truman following World War 2, leading to the May 14, 1948 declaration of the provisional government as “The State of Israel.” Perhaps in Democrat tradition they can “rewrite history” and take back Truman’s recognition of “The State of Israel” that same day.  If Hillary can pretend she was always against the Iraq war, certainly she can pretend that Truman never said that.  (She better not change too much or Dewey may get a second chance at that 1948 election!)

Getting the the specifics of Bachmann’s letter, she is right. There has been a radical change in how the United States is proceeding in the Middle East, and that direction is favoring Islamic states and mass movements that are leading to regime change all over the region. Our administration, along with the willing accomplis of Hillary Clinton in the State Department, is putting the safety and security of our national interests behind some Muslim political (and radical) agenda.  Furthermore, they are throwing Israel to the wolves. They have undermined Israel ever step of the way. They have disrespected the leaders of Israel in Washington, and Barack Obama has not bothered to visit Israel as President. (His aides are quoted off the recored earlier this week as saying Obama will go to Israel in his second term. More like Romney’s first term, and I am not sure Obama would ever get a Visa to enter Israel with how poorly he has treated them.)

Getting real about Bachmann’s comments on Huma Abedin for a moment. The letters have many valid points.

Go to this link.  (All the letters.) Read these letters:  http://bachmann.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=303218

Particularly read these two:

To Ambassador Harold W. Geisel  – Deputy Inspector General – Department of State (PDF)

To Mr. Charles K. Edwards – Acting Inspector General – Department of Homeland Security (PDF)

What she is saying is that the Obama Administration has been bringing forth Muslims to leadership roles in our government, and many of those people are too closely connected with those in other countries they are negotiating with.  (What happens when one is too close to the wrong side? THIS MUST READ ON BREITBART.COM – History showing us what can go wrong.)

Now – the RINO’s. 

Those that are selling out Michele Bachmann do not get it. John McCain lost for a reason. He was the last man left standing when the primaries were over in 2008, and hardly worth of our support. He sells out the right over and over again.  I guess he is a chip off the old block (his daughter being the block). Others that are coming out asking her to be stripped of her membership to the Intelligence Committee. 

Bachmann is looking out for our country. The Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to our national security, and she seems to be the only one that will speak up.  I am sure that Huma Abedin is a competent person, as she is Hillary Clinton’s assistant. She is just the wrong person to be that close to our Secretary of State. One has to wonder if Huma’s influence is so strong that she has helped influence Hillary into working with Barack Obama to turn back the clock the sometime before 1967 in the Middle East.

RINO’s need to understand that we are watching your every move.  If you trash our loyal Tea Party Candidates and and our loyal conservatives, we will throw you out with the Obama bath water in the next election. It’s that simple.

Bachmann is a great American and deserves our respect.

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