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Must Read on Gateway Pundit: Tale of Two Charts: Bush Tax Cuts Created Jobs – Unlike Obama’s Spend Your Way to Hell Plan

Must Read on Gateway Pundit:  Tale of Two Charts: Bush Tax Cuts Created Jobs – Unlike Obama’s Spend Your Way to Hell Plan

As a former stock broker and as someone that has made my living off of stocks for the past decade, I can tell you I love charts.  Now, these two charts have little to do with stocks, but you simply must see the two charts on Gateway Pundit!  

Posted by Jim Hoft, this is an extraordinary visual tale that should get Obama not only thrown out of office for incompetance in the November 6th election, but then asked to resign so he could not do any further damage to our beloved nation.  

One chart answers the question “Did Bush Tax Cuts Fail?”  Obviously the answer is NO, but the first chart shows that answer in extraordinary brilliance.  

The second chart asks, “Where Are the Jobs?”  You’ve simply got to see that chart!  The multiple stimuli are shown in this chart, and it makes anyone with a brain and some open-mindedness realize that any stimulus is stupid and bad for the economy.

They throw in a great bar chart showing “Employment as % of Population.”  That bonus chart makes it clear that people are out of work quite permanently. 


SEE IT HERE:  A Tale of Two Charts: Bush Tax Cuts Created Jobs – Unlike Obama’s Spend Your Way to Hell Plan


FYI: One of the sources in that same article had a great link to more charts on “employment under Barack Obama.”  Turns out Obama ended a trend going on for decades and decades.

See this link:  About That “Jobs Improvement” Under President Obama

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