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Stephanie Cutter is Twisting The Truth as She Defends Emperor Obama

Stephanie Cutter is Twisting The Truth as She Defends Emperor Obama

Stephanie Cutter is Twisting The Truth as She Defends Emperor Obama 

Barack Obama’s “truth team” just released a video hosted by Stephanie Cutter. In the video she uses an old debate technique of stating incorrectly what the other person said, and then answering that incorrect statement. She basically grabbed a single line out of Obama’s one hour and six minute speech on July 13 in Roanoke, Virginia and suggested that the line she pulled out was being “twisted” and “taken out of context” by Mitt Romney.

That was not the line. She is simply creating a false narrative to give something for her people to run with.

The truth is Barack Obama revealed himself for who he really is, and that is why Obama is being so damaged in this incident.

Stephanie: Your people are stupid enough to believe you, but not ours.

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