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Loyal Trump Followers – Looking for Co-host for Online Radio Show & Guests
Retweeted by Donald Trump – We’re very proud!
Conservative Twitter: Explained from the Binge and Purging Perspective
It’s tough being famous, so @megynkelly needs to take ten days off. Why not ten years?
Cannot get a warrant, so we have to ignore the constitution? That is what @ChrisChristie says
Only jobs left in Baltimore that actually pay? Government – 1200 over $100k a year (to manage RIOTS)

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Kristi Yamaguchi Endorses Romney… We Always Knew She was Very Smart!
Want to see “LBGT Rights” in the Real World?  This is a sick, sick, example
100 Rounds of Golf: Obama finds time to work on his game while he works on almost nothing else
Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins Dubious Claim likely Paid Off by Trump
Deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf is a joke
Congressman Mike King of Pennsylvania is Our Newest Hero…
The Election’s Message to President Barack Obama
The First Lady Travels Separately to Vacation on YOUR DIME
Dine with Obama – Now 40% Off!
Liberal Media Dreams of 3AM Phone Calls Shifting the Election to Obama
Maybe Fox and Trump are not all good?
Answering the AP’s Opinion Article asking “Have Race Relations Improved” in the ‘Obama Era’
Everything Changes for Your Taxes as of July 1, 2014