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Answering the AP’s Opinion Article asking “Have Race Relations Improved” in the ‘Obama Era’

Answering the AP’s Opinion Article asking “Have Race Relations Improved” in the ‘Obama Era’

I am a former Democrat that finally changed to the Republican side in about 1996. Before that I voted for Carter in my first presidential vote and against every Republican on the ballot. I really did not like Clinton in 1992, but Perot teetered out and I just did not want to vote for Bush 41 for a variety of reasons.  I am just about six months younger than Barack Obama, but I grew us in a different world far less privileged. Although I am from Texas, my parents were in the local media in my hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. My father was a local TV news anchor and later a columnist for the local paper. My mother was a writer for smaller newspapers, and then she worked in various advertising agencies, radio stations and later for non-profits. They were as liberal as they come. I actually believed much of it and even volunteered locally for the Democrat Party a few times. 

Things began to change for me when I found that the “trickle down economics” of Ronald Reagan worked massively well to improve the economy. I knew John F. Kennedy believed in the same philosophy economically – and he proved it did, in fact, work. I began to see that my former favorite President, Jimmy Carter, had killed the economy and would have taken us off a cliff had we let him stay in power.  

In our nation’s defense, I saw our country strong under Ronald Reagan. I never had a problem with the Iran-Contra Affair, or anything that Ronald Reagan did militarily. I think he was very prudent.  I really thought George Bush 41 did a great job in the First Gulf War. I always thought maybe he should have made it less possible for Sadam to ever rise again, and that Bush should have done more to prevent that.  That is really why I did not vote for him again. I don’t know why I thought Clinton would do better. I saw Clinton as a horny man with his eye off the ball and on the Monica’s of the world. He let slip some key missile technology that gave the Chinese a real jump forward. There were many errors he made, and I am not even talking about not getting Bin Laden.

So, in 1996 I cast my first Republican vote for President for Bob Dole. Or should I say “Dull.”  Yes, he was boring.  He was not the RINO that John McCain is, but he just did not have the spark to beat Bill Clinton.

None of my decisions on party or political affiliation are based on race. Like many people who went against Barack Obama early, I was not happy with the suggestion from the media that if you oppose Barack Obama you are a “racist.” I have owned Nobama.com, the domain name, since late June of 2008.  I bought it from someone in Illinois who created it to oppose Obama in 2006. He backed off of using it heavily as there was apparently a serious enough “risk” to him being from Illinois that he wanted out.  I did not really understand that when I bought it, but I have found it to be difficult at times to own this domain because it brings so much hate and anger from the left.

I bought this domain because Senator Barack Obama did not heave the experience to be President, as I saw it. He had the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate. He also had the most liberal voting record, when he chose to vote, in the House of Representatives prior to that. He clearly believed in everything Jeremiah Wright stood for, and then backed off of that relationship to get elected. If you were willing to do some research and not just listen to MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS, The NY Times, most other papers, news magazines, the BBC, the entire continent of Europe and the DNC, you could get a get an accurate picture of who this guy was quite easily. The problem for most is that they did not bother to look at the real sources of information.  Instead they relied upon what many call “the mainstream media.” That list of media is where 99.9% of people got their information on Barack Obama in 2008. 

This media was relentless at running Hillary Clinton out of contention for the nomination in 2008. They were relentless in portraying McCain as (sorry, John) McCain. After her initial awesome speech after she was introduced to the American people by John McCain, that very same media portrayed Sarah Palin as the biggest flake to hit the national stage since Dan Quale (who’s son will one day be President!). No, Dan Quale is not a flake, and Sarah Palin is one of the biggest leaders in our party. They relentlessly attacked anyone who dared speak out against Obama. 

One the election past in November of 2008, like most I thought there would be a benefit to racial relations having Obama as president. I voted against him for other reasons, but I could not help to think that there were parts of this ascendancy to the presidency that were good for the country. 

I was wrong.

At first it was just the mainstream media that was calling anyone who opposed anything Obama did as “racist.”  Then those in his administration began to do the same thing. Obama decides he is going to shove “health care reform” down our collective throats, and when the backlash comes out as congressional leaders head home to “hear from their constituents” in August of 2009, the Tea Party Movement is suddenly discovered to be real. The more Nancy Pelosi calls it “astroturf” the more the left begins to know this is the real thing: A groundswell that was going to stop this terrible legislation in its tracks.  (We almost did.)  I am sure we all remember Arlen Spector looking like a lost puppy in front of his constituents as he meets them that very hot August.  You remember the woman at Spector’s Town Hall event that said the famous line, “You have awakened a sleeping giant.” They did awake the sleeping giant, and that giant is coming out in full force on November 6, 2012.

We were called racists because we opposed this absurd nationalized healthcare bill.

We are called racists when we think Obama is “spiking the football” when his administration leaks national security information to help their campaign.

We are called racists when we oppose Obama going back for more and more money, bankrupting our country and downgrading our country’s credit rating.

We are called racists when we suggest that Obama said “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” (Of course that is the exact quote.)

We are called racists when we see that he had Marxists friends and professors as far back as 1980, and we see further that those relationships blossomed and grew until he hit Congress. Then they were more suppressed, but are clearly still formative and defining of his “character.”

We are called racists when we discover there are many lies in his “autobiographies.” Many – check it out yourself.

We are called racists when we see a net decrease in employment and he claims to have added jobs.

We are called racists when he blames Bush three and a half years later for everything, and we suggest, no, this one’s on you, Mr. President.

We are called racists when we suggest that it is the Hollywood left, working in concert with the Obama administration, that is really behind controlling the internet and the issues like SOPA. That’s the fact, but those on the left that believe in internet freedom think only the Republicans would want to control the internet, when it is just the opposite.

We are called racists when people think we should shut up about this election, and we do not.

We are called racists by Bill Maher for having a pulse.

We are called racists for standing up for Israel, because this president is ready to throw the people of Israel into the Mediterranean sea while HIllary, Huma Abedin and Obama sell out sixty years or so years of support for the Jewish people after our own FDR ignored their plight in the 1930’s and left to Europe’s Jewish population to fend for themselves against Adolf Hitler. 

Political opposition to Barack Obama is considered racism by the left. Every one of those media entities and more I mentioned above still control the vast majority of the national debate. Fortunently there are outlets like blogs, conservative web sites, Fox News, talk radio, and more that are rising up in our defense. The defense is weak, but growing. 

There are racists in the world. There are many racists that speak without anyone on the left speaking against them.  Why? That’s because they are leftists. There are racists on the left that are in Obama’s “Truth Team.” There are racists on the major cable outlets that are attacking those of us who have an opinion they do not like, and race is the first bullet the pull out of their arsenal. It is clear many would love to use real bullets on us, but this “Progressive Revolution” they are conducting has not yet reached the Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro tipping point. So, for now, their attacks are mostly verbal. 

So to answer the AP’s story, the election of Barack Obama has done nothing to help “race relations.” His decision to impose his policies through executive fiat has caused those of the right to stand up and defend this country at the ballot box. We are called racists for using the system provided to us, while this president, Pelosi, Reid, and all of their “surrogates” are using race as a weapon. 

Weaponzied race baiting is despicable, and that is what they are doing: Weaponizing race for political gain.

We are doing our best to stand up and oppose this president for all of the bad he has done to this country. He is attempting to ignore his own failures and double-down on his own failed Keynesian economic ways.  One has to think he is smart enough to know that his level of spending combined with his suppressing the natural economy of this nation is unsustainable and will cause an economic collapse. I used to think Glen Beck was crazy when he made that suggestion. Now I know that Obama is playing those on the left, and he is knowingly doing harm to our country.

Is it to collapse the economy so he can rebuild it in his own image? Or is it because he is just not smart enough to see that he has failed?  God help us if it is either.

Those under 30 that think this man is a good man need to step back and take a real look.  This is the worst president we have ever had, and we need to defeat him in November. If we do not, the next four years are going to crush our country economically.  Plus, give this president a couple of more appointments to the SCOTUS, and our freedoms are going to be as determined by Barack Obama.  That’s when Obama will get to put himself up for a third term as he finds some loophole in the Twenty-second Amendment that allows him to become a Hugo Chavez.

That’s the choice in November, and it has nothing to do with race.

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