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The “F Word” Should be Said to Harry Reid for these Attacks on Romney

The “F Word” Should be Said to Harry Reid for these Attacks on Romney

Harry Reid is a very special kind of liar. The kind that can do it without conscience. When I hear Harry Reid get up on the Senate floor and trash Mitt Romney with the suggestion he has not paid taxes in ten years, there is really only one thing to say to Harry Reid:


To elaborate for Reid:

Mitt Romney needs to prove nothing. You are a pathological liar just as Adolph Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels was in his support of tyranny.  Just like Goebbels, you crusade in the lies of the man you serve. Like Goebbels, you will stop at nothing to keep your man leading this government. Just like the Nazi’s burned the Reichstag, your words have burned through the United States Senate with the hatred of a pathetic little man (you) who was nearly ousted in the last election. Your words trash the United States Senate, and don’t think you own that building and that institution. You don’t. The People do.

There is no way on Earth that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for the past ten years. That is a total and complete lie. Standing up in the Senate one day suggesting his father would not have been proud of him and the next day coming forth with this trash is beyond belief.  I used to be a Democrat for decades. That was a long time ago. People like you are why I got the hell out of that party. The Democrats want to impose tyranny and destroy the freedoms of our country so they can further impose their absolute control. It’s not just “European style Socialism” with your party now. It is Marxism and Communism in its infancy. Harry, that infant Marxism / Communism will no grow into reality here. 

There are a lot of good people in your state, and they should rise up and send you to retirement much earlier than the end of your six year term. I would hope that some there in your state rise and start a recall effort to push you out of the Senate a few years earlier.  That effort will not start now. Right now we all concentrate on evicting Barack Obama from the White House. 

Once again Harry, for this below the belt attack on Mitt Romney, F*** You!

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