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Barack Obama’s Coordinated Attack with Priorities USA Exposed

Barack Obama’s Coordinated Attack with Priorities USA Exposed


Super PAC’s and candidates are not supposed to coordinate their videos and their message. The candidate is supposed to have no say, positive or negative, about what a PAC releases. We all know that.

Check this out.

Joe Soptic, who is featured in Priorities USA Action’s attack on Mitt Romney is featured on the Barack Obama web site in what appears to be a same day video shoot. Joe is wearing the same shirt. The room looks the same. His hair is the same. The style of the video shoot is the same. The lighting is the same. Different microphones. No glasses is the PAC version.

I have done video productions for years, and this is clearly the same video shoot. This is also a coordination of a pack with a candidate. How could it not be?

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