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Just what kind of person considers Jeb “ruthless” and too “conservative” to be President?
I have to throw Rand Paul out of my favorites for 2016
O’Malley has No Problem with Donors to Clinton Slush Fund, Including Reporters Who Gave
If you scientifically question “global warming” you WILL LOSE YOUR FUNDING
Did Pakistan Really Know Bin Laden Was in that Big House? Likely, Yes
Pudgy Rep Alan Grayson Goes Hog (no relation) on When Asked About His Cayman Banking

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While Blocking Christians, the State Department Invites Muslim Leaders to Visit America
Fear Runs Through All Iran Tonight as Hillary Threatens Iran with Obama
A MUST READ FROM GATEWAY PUNDIT: Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the Pelosi Clan
Romney is Correct: 47% of America is Being Paid-off By Obama at The Expense of All Others
The Bogus President Produces Doctored & Bogus Jobs Numbers to Advance Election
QUESTION: Can the Obama EPA be anymore stupid than this? ANSWER – No
Roger L. Simon says Obama Should Resign instead of Debate Tonight
Admin Official Says Republicans will KILL 70,000 Kids
A Must Read: Strassel: Obama’s Enemies List—Part II
We Early Voted… Get Your Romney / US Senate / House of Representatives Votes in Early!
WSJ: Why the Obama campaign is suddenly so worried
Excellent on Beltway Confidential: A short, incomplete history of media tying the Tea Party to tragedies
News Alert: Reports – Obama Campaign to “Declare Victory” Early – to Stop Romney Voters from Bothering to Vote
Charts Tell the Story of Obama’s Failures… and the Success of the Bush Tax Cuts
Holder Scares Congressional Intern for Taking Notes During a Lecture
Hilarious Step-by-Step Accounting by the ‘Occupied’ as the Occupation is Crushed in Zuccotti Park
Let’s Revisit Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Obama is Just Rude – Hear These Accounts
Barack Obama’s Coordinated Attack with Priorities USA Exposed
Class Warfare is Just Part of Obama’s War of Hate Against Those that Oppose Him
We are seeing huge interest in Romney’s Project Orca, with more than 200 queries
As Bloomberg Loses His Nerve, the Rebellion He Encouraged is Now Out of Control and Attacking the NYPD