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More Hot Water for Obama’s Campaign Chick Manager, Stephanie Cutter

More Hot Water for Obama’s Campaign Chick Manager, Stephanie Cutter

Stephanie Cutter should know campaign law. Besides being a graduate of Georgetown Law School, she has been with the Obama’s since she first joined Michelle Obama’s staff in June of 2008.  Before that she was on John Kerry’s campaign as the “Communications Director” in 2004.

Here she is in the situation room. (No, not Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room, but rather the real one in The White House.)

But she is in hot water, and the reason comes down to claiming no real knowledge of the Joe Soptic issue. Then she is heard on a recording of a conference call having Joe Soptic throwing the call back to her after he goes on endlessly about his situation and his intense hatred for rich people like Mitt Romney.  The coverage on the web site is so similar to the coverage on the Superpac “Priorities USA Action” web site that it defies logic that they are not connected.  Same shirt in video shoot on the same subject, Joe Soptic. Humm.  Yes, perhaps it is just a horrible coincidence that the two videos are so similar, with the same subject and more.

This from FOX NEWS: 

“Further, Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter is now being accused by the Romney campaign of lying over what she knew about the man at the center of that ad.   

“Cutter appeared on CNN Wednesday morning to say, among other things, that “I don’t know the facts” about the case of Joe Soptic, the steelworker who appeared in the video. In the ad, Soptic, recounts how his wife died of cancer after he lost his health insurance when his plant was shuttered after a takeover by Bain Capital and other companies working with the private equity firm.”


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