Resisting The Obama Efforts to Rule by Decree

Obama Truth Team Member Stephanie Cutter Tells a Big Lie… and Gets Caught


Stephanie Cutter is caught red handed telling a non-truth. For those of us who do not believe in Obama’s double speak civility, that is a lie she told. And a big lie it is.

Normally in the Obama Administration a lie is rewarded. But that’s provided you do not get caught by someone recording an audio conference call.

in this video, we feature clips of Stephanie Cutter hearing the story of Joe Soptic and the loss of his wife. Also in this video, Stephanie Cutter claims she knows nothing of Joe’s story. Stephanie Cutter is hosting the call, and the way Joe Soptic hands the call back to Stephanie (after relating that long story) made it sound like he has spoken to her before.

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