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A Conservative Spring is Coming: My Take on the Polls at Less Than 90 Days Until the Election

A Conservative Spring is Coming: My Take on the Polls at Less Than 90 Days Until the Election

I see a lot of people living and dying based on the polls. So many polls have shown moves recently in both directions, and we know the samples are mixed from adults, registered voters, and likely voters.  Some are in key swing states alone and some are national. While I love to see the good news, and I can poke holes all day long in any poll I do not like, we are at the point where things are about to “reset” (as in Hillary’s famous reset button given to Russia). 

What I see as important is our conservative momentum is huge, and everyone is rallied and ready to vote the moment we can vote. We are all waiting on Romney’s VP pick. We are waiting on the convention. We are waiting for the final night of the convention when we get to hear Romney hit his home fun (and he better do so).

That is when the reset takes place. That is when it all really begins.

Then there are the debates.  Unless Barack Obama chickens out of debating, this should be an earthquake running through the entire presidential election. With the right VP pick in the debates, we are certain to humiliate Joseph Biden and send him into retirement.  Romney will certainly send Barack Obama back to his home state of … (what ever state or country will take him) so he can begin to plot his “2016 comeback.”  (Yes, he will try. He will take credit for all the good things Romney does, too.)

This is not like four years ago when we all knew that John McCain could not beat Barack Obama because the media refused to vet Obama.  Sites like mine had many threats PER DAY in attempts to get us to shut up. 

You get the idea, I think. The polls now are just good for talk shows. The real show is coming this Fall, and I do not see a way we are going to lose. I think we are going to get a landslide in the electoral college, although I am fine with anything above 270 electoral votes.

Don’t worry. Don’t panic. We have the right candidate. As long as he does not pick a someone like Jon Huntsman or Rick Santorum as his VP candidate, we are going to have a great fall. 


Watching the left go into hysterics as they begin to realize that “The Chosen One” – Barack Obama – is absolutely going to lose. They are going to cry foul every step of the way as the see the great conservative tide wash Marxism, Socialism and radicalism out of The White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate.  We all expect that Barack Obama will take the final days of his administration to attempt to screw up this country in some semi-permanent ways via executive fiat. The will freak out as the days count down to zero of his great golfing gig also known as “The Presidency.”

Noon on January 20, 2013 will come, although never soon enough.  Let’s hope for a bitterly cold day in DC so that the protesters get frozen out from the festivities.  No matter what temperature it is in Washington, D.C. on that day, you can be certain it will be a warm “Conservative Spring” for America. 

It’s going to happen. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t worry about mid-August polls. Victory will be ours, and it will be massive.

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