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Hey GOP Establishment: Why was Obama surrogate Huntsman EVER in the GOP Debates?

Hey GOP Establishment: Why was Obama surrogate Huntsman EVER in the GOP Debates?

I have never liked nor have I ever trusted Jon Huntsman. While the mainstream media was gushing with love and affection for him, they were slamming those of us who are real conservatives for not being able to pick up on a great Republican candidate (by their standards). They wanted to see Jon Huntsman rise to the top of the GOP ticket, and then run – “with civility” – against Barack Obama. 

Well, here’s the deal: We flat out did not trust Jon Huntsman. We saw his love and appreciation toward Barack Obama, and that did not end with his leaving the diplomatic corp. On top of that, the media fawned over his daughters like nothing any of us have seen since Meghan McCain. That’s enough to tell you we are screwed if this guy gets the nomination.

Huntsman was featured on all the shows where real conservatives are never invited. He was swooned on by Morning Joe.  He was caressed by Rachel Maddow as she has never touched a man before (and she has not – to this day). He was dry humped by Anderson Cooper (and they both liked it).

It was clear that Huntsman was missing a few things:

  1. He was missing conservatives, as they saw through him.
  2. He was missing Tea Party members, and like-minded patriots.
  3. He was missing Barack Obama, and he is now reuniting with him. 

Should Obama win, and let’s hope he does not, I am recommending a few places in the second term for “Ambassador Huntsman:”

May I recommend “Ambassador to Syria?”  Perhaps “Ambassador to Palestine” (you know Palestine, with its capital in Jerusalem).

In all seriousness, why was this loser ever allowed on the GOP debate stage?  Once  you sell out and join the Marxist/Socialists Barack Obama, how can you come back and run for the GOP nomination? Why do we have to put him on stage?

We need to rethink how we are letting people like Huntsman and Gary Johnson in any of the debates?  We need to not only rethink that, but redo how we allow these people in the debates by 2016.

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