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Disgraced Obama Surrogate Stephanie Cutter – TODAY – Calls Romney a Liar

Disgraced Obama Surrogate Stephanie Cutter – TODAY – Calls Romney a Liar

Take a look at this:

Stephanie Cutter is still doing the “Truth’s Team” lie detection service. As she quotes Clinton – who is lying by the way, too – she is calling Romney’s ad on welfare reform a lie.

First, Stephanie, why are you not in the dog house or working on your resume? Even Fareed Zakaria was suspended from his job today for his ethics issues.  I guess it’s because you are a member of the most corrupt administration in United States history. Your lies come at the direction of El Presidente.

Second: Who the hell are you to call out anyone and suggest they are not telling the truth? You’re reputation is dirt, and it is dirt that everyone sees.

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