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Just what kind of person considers Jeb “ruthless” and too “conservative” to be President?
I have to throw Rand Paul out of my favorites for 2016
O’Malley has No Problem with Donors to Clinton Slush Fund, Including Reporters Who Gave
If you scientifically question “global warming” you WILL LOSE YOUR FUNDING
Did Pakistan Really Know Bin Laden Was in that Big House? Likely, Yes
Pudgy Rep Alan Grayson Goes Hog (no relation) on When Asked About His Cayman Banking

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Chelsea Clinton’s Facebook Page – With Improvements and New Friends
It’s Official Romney-Ryan
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Hey GOP Establishment: Why was Obama surrogate Huntsman EVER in the GOP Debates?
Did Perry’s Campaign Operatives Backstab Cain? Likely… Regardless of Facts, We’re Done with Perry
Dear RINO’s: You Destroy Michele Bachmann at Your Own Peril
Holder Scares Congressional Intern for Taking Notes During a Lecture
Stephanie Cutter and Barack Obama are counting on Obama Voters Being So Stupid as to Not Catch a Lie (many lies)
Breitbart Delivers Proof of Obama ‘Palling Around’ ON A PANEL With Communists and Socialists at Alinsky Event
Muslim Jihadist in Egypt wants to Destroy the Sphinx and the Pyramids
Government Harvest Report
Huffington Post Ignores the Murder of Ambassador to do Political Hit Piece on Romney
The Case Against Barack Obama – Part Two: A Nuclear Iran
Must Read “Courage for the Long War Ahead” by Joel Pollak at Breitbart
Another ‘Fast & Furious’ Attack on the Truth – Kevin Ohlson either Does Not Read or is Incompetent
News Alert: Reports – Obama Campaign to “Declare Victory” Early – to Stop Romney Voters from Bothering to Vote
Obama is Using the FCC to Attack Churches and Likely END Some Religious Broadcasts
It’s Almost June – Time for ISIS Brides and Bride To Be’s
We are seeing huge interest in Romney’s Project Orca, with more than 200 queries
Italian “Justice” for All
Must See Video: Senate Candidate from Illinois Sums Up ObamaCare in Once Sentence