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Bulletin: We’re Going to Win this Election

Bulletin: We’re Going to Win this Election

I have often wondered how the average Democrat could be so stupid, and they are stupid.  I grew up with Democrat parents, with a mother coming from 1930’s union proud die-hard Democrats who would (probably) rather have gone Socialist than accept a Republican in any office.  My grandfather on my mother’s side famously said he never wanted any Republicans in the family. He died the month before I was born in December of 1961. His service to our country was as a pipe-fitter on “The Manhattan Project.”  Not the pipes you would want to be fitting for obvious reasons.  

The Democrats of today are unlike any I have seen in my lifetime. I think we have to go back to the 1930’s to see this kind of blind faith to the economic policies of someone who is terribly misinformed. Just as FDR followed the Keynesian philosophy in the thirties, Obama has pushed Keynesianism to its limits over the past three and a half years.  In my opinion Obama has done all of us a great service: He has definitively proven that spending into oblivion is a bad idea. People like Paul Krugman can speak out and claim that there is a “big fraud” (his words) when it comes to Ryan’s budgets, but Obama has gone down the road to trying to make excessively spending as a way to build our economy a success. Krugman, with his Nobel Prize, and Obama have nearly destroyed our economy.

I think Paul Ryan on the ticket has truly framed the debate.

Look at it this way:  While the Democrats try to suggest that Ryan wants to “end Medicare as we know it,” Ryan has so eloquently pointed out that it is Obama who has cut Medicare. That cut is to the tune of OVER $700 billion.  Romney’s budget reverses that cut, and killed Obamacare in its tracks. This makes the biggest argument that the Democrats have to offer totally mute.

What else do they have?

“Class warfare.”

Excuse me, but Ryan worked at McDonalds after his mother was widowed when he was 15 years old.  He pulled it all together and made himself a great man in the tradition of the greatest men of our country. He went to college the hard way. He earned a double major in Economics and Political Science from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He became a protege of one of the greatest men not to get the GOP nomination, Jack Kemp. 

Where is Ryan in some “elite class?”  He’s not. He is someone who suffered great loss in his family and then stepped up to make his life an exceptional American life. He is married and has a young family to which he is intensely dedicated.  I realize this does not fit the “LBGT Politically Correct” version of a family, but it is the traditional family that goes to the Catholic church on a regular basis.  Even in non-election years.

Team Romney-Ryan is Unbeatable. I see that we have an energized base. I cannot wait until these final 83 days pass and we have the election behind us. Then we can get on with fixing what Obama and his minions have done to our country.  We also have to repair the damage done by the Bush administration. Fiscal insanity began under Bush.  This is the team that will bring us back to a balanced budget and eventually a country out of debt.

Good luck to us all!  We all need to stay positive and realize this is the most important election of our lifetimes.  Let’s win it.

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