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Urgent: Obama Campaign Lowers its Minimum Donation Below $3 (Three Dollars)

Urgent: Obama Campaign Lowers its Minimum Donation Below $3 (Three Dollars)

You knew it had to happen, but an Obama (Not) for America his just asked for you to… “chip in $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered.”  In the past everything stopped at three dollars. Now you can give a penny, I would guess, and forever be in their debt. This email is from “Joe.”  Here it the complete text:

Headline: Best contest ever.

From: Joe Biden

John —

We’ve run a lot of contests on this campaign, but you should pay special attention to this one.

Here are three reasons why: The winner gets to go to the Democratic National Convention, meet the President, AND spend time with the First Lady.

Chip in $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered for a chance to meet her — and her husband — in Charlotte.

In addition to sitting up front with the First Lady as President Obama accepts the Democratic nomination for president, the lucky winner and a guest will get airfare, a hotel room, and VIP tickets to all three days of the convention.

You should give it a shot — chip in $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered:

Good luck!


P.S. — Every time you donate in the next 78 days, you are getting us that much closer to a win on Election Day. It’s closer than you think. Chip in today.

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