Ellen Barkin Effectively Endorses the Deaths of Thousands via ‘Retweet’

Ellen Barkin Effectively Endorses the Deaths of Thousands via ‘Retweet’

At the rather ripe age of 58 or so, you have become nothing short of an annoying voice for hatred from the left. I do fully understand the difference between a ‘tweet’ and a ‘retweet.’ I also fully understand that this is who you are based on your historical lashing out at the right, taking particular joy in the death of Andrew Breitbart. If called on it, you would say wishing the GOP’ers be washed out to sea was nothing more than a joke. I sincerely doubt that. I have little doubt based on the way you celebrated Breitbart’s death you mean it on a certain level.  Likely on many levels. 

The next time you are sitting in the recovery room of the plastic surgery hospital that does most of your work, look around at the other patients. The ones that are there from tragic injury. Realize that wishing tragedy on others is about as low as one can go.  Look at the fire victims. Look at the children with deformaties caused by traumatic circumstances in their lives. Look at them and realize that you have wished far worse on those you don’t agree with.

Left wing Hollywood has a fatal attraction to Barack Obama and all Democrats based on the fact that he is there to help you gain maximum financial advantage through protecting artists’ rights by sticking Eric Holder and the Department of Justice on those that pirate works you would otherwise be paid on. Obama and the FCC are trying to fully implement a system to regulate the internet and hold anyone accountable who’s name is supplied to the Justice Department based on an IP address. That’s what this cozy relationship is all about. While the Democrat party pretends it is trying to make “internet access more fair,” they are really using the added regulations as a way to control, make it subservient to the Hollywood crowd, and now there is even talk of taxing the internet (from the FCC). 

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Your imagery of death is personal, by the way. I know some people at the convention. I understand that you endorsed that imagery via a retweet and you were not the author of the tweet. But isn’t that the way it always is with you? You just read what comes across for you to read.

Let’s turn the imagery on you. Let’s say that it was your family washing away in that hurricane. Let’s say the hurricane hit where your son and daughter were. Let’s say they were washed out to sea. Let’s say you never were able to get the closure that comes with a hurricane taking your two most precious children from you, Jack and Romy.  Do you think you might look at things a little differently?

Ellen, you having taken to getting your humor from sharing the tweet of some washed out Irish “punk rocker” who uses a picture of John Lennon as his twitter identity photo. Whoever @highwaystarrrr is or wants to be, he has shared 2,507 tweets to his very slight 100 followers (mostly auto-follows and single tweet female twitter profiles designed to lure one to a URL). He is full of hate and rage for everyone, and he labels those with whom he disagrees as “racists” and – (pause, gulp) – “homophobes.”  You should look him up as your next husband.  Maybe the one for 2013? You are going to need some emotional support, as Mitt Romney will be your new President and Paul Ryan will lead the way to putting down the spending of Obama. He will stop the over-regulating the internet that you Hollywood types pretend not to want, but that you really do want. A President Romney will back off that in a second as he stops the over-regulation of our country. 

Good news. Your kids are safe as are mine. Hurricane Isaac is going into New Orleans as I write this (1:15 AM central time on August 29, 2012). Let’s hope that nobody suffers a similar fate to the fate you wished upon Republicans.  

FYI, you do know that with the Hurricane you joked of, there were a lot of deaths? The current death toll from Isaac (as a tropical storm just hours earlier) in Haiti is 24 as I write this. Are you going to remember that you endorsed death upon Republicans as you post sadness to all Haitians lost on land and sea due to Isaac? Likely not. Will you wish the GOP Convention was held in New Orleans this year, so it could have been hit?

I have no desire to see you or anyone in Hollywood suffer to hurricanes (which is not going to happen, of course), earthquakes, fires in the many canyons of SoCal, or any other reason. I personally am taking my wife to help the movie industry tomorrow. We are going to “2016: Obama’s America.” Should be a riot. I will be reviewing it on Nobama.com later in the day on Wednesday.

I wish you well. I will be dodging your movies, or television shows. (Whatever it is you do when not at the plastic surgeon.)

 (Photo from Wikipedia profile of Ellen Barkin.)


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