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Movie Review: 2016: Obama’s America

Movie Review: 2016: Obama’s America

Yesterday I went to see 2016: Obama’s America. This is simply one of the most amazing films about the real Barack Obama out there. I am not a fan of watching “hit pieces” with little documentation that are really just conspiracy theories. This is just the opposite of that.  Dinesh D’Souza is amazing in his telling of what just simply has to be the most accurate account of why Obama is Obama. It is honest with most of the sources speaking on tape. 

You will read many leftwing reviews slamming the documentary as, a conspiracy theory, racist, and more. While they may grandstand and suggest this is a wildly inaccurate account, they cannot counter any of this points. Nobody can knock holes in the facts of the documentary. 

I have not read his books, although my wife has read both his books on Obama. Overnight I have read through them, and have now even downloaded the Kindle versions so I have them with me wherever I go. The movie puts the stories in Mr. D’Souza’s books Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream and The Roots of Obama’s Rage and tells those stories in video clips, conversations between Mr. D’Souza and key people in Obama’s life, more conversations with those interpreting the meaning of Obama’s relationships, and comments from D’Souza about his real ‘Third World’ experiences.

While I have read several accounts about Obama’s childhood, his mother, his time in Indonesia, Obama’s relationship (if you can call it that) with his father, and those advisors and friends he has followed over the decades, I had no idea that everything so neatly fits into the “anti-colonialism” agenda. D’Souza makes the case that this is likely the one overriding personal philosophy that dictates every decision that Obama has made in his life for decades, including the last four years as President. It is so clear that Barack Obama has done just about everything with an anti-colonialism agenda front and center. His mother hated Americans while overseas, and that it is well documented in D’Sousa’s first book and now in 2016: Obama’s America. She had a massive influence over Obama as a child. Clearly those beliefs she nurtured in the young Obama grew and grew in the adult version of Barack Obama as he reached adult hood.

Most revealing, in this documentary, D’Souza talks about “Barack Obama’s Founders.” This is a list of Obama’s Founding Fathers:

  1.  Communist Frank Marshall Davis – A “mentor” to Obama for years.  He is the “Frank” mentioned in Obama’s Dreams From My Father.
  2. Terrorist Bill Ayers – No introduction needed (except to Obama voters).
  3. Edward Said – Anti-Israel to the bone; PLO / Arafat friend. 
  4. Jeremiah Wright, – Again – no introduction needed.  
  5. Roberto Mangabeira Unger – Brazilian Politician / Harvard Professor / Turned against Obama – but for the wrong reasons.

Equally important, Mr. D’Souza ties all the pieces together into his theory that Obama is dedicated to anti-colonialism so much, he is willing to destroy the America we know and love. He looks at the year 2016 to see where our country will be under a second Obama administration. It really takes someone that has come from that part of the world to understand what colonialism means. Removing the bust of Churchill was a gut reaction of the anti-colonialist in Barack Obama. 

The left has viciously attacked Dinesh D’Souza, but they cannot discount the facts. This is the truth. I completely believe that if every American in the “undecided” column saw this documentary, they would come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is bad for America and vote accordingly. Even if the saw a favorable movie or two about Obama from the left, they would still vote him out. This movie is that powerful.  

I left the theatre emboldened. I left understanding that Barack Obama has an agenda I did not fully understand, but always suspected. I never put the term “anti-colonialism” into it before I saw the documentary and read more than a hundred pages of D’Souza’s writings on it late into the night last night. Suddenly it makes sense. Suddenly I think I know the ‘real’ Barack Obama. I also know why he has kept that person so well hidden. It is criminal on a moral level that the mainstream media has not asked the tough questions that would have pulled more of this information out. Shame on them.

My thanks to Dinesh D’Souza for telling this story, and for sharing so many of his life experiences that put it all into perspective.

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