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O’Malley has No Problem with Donors to Clinton Slush Fund, Including Reporters Who Gave
If you scientifically question “global warming” you WILL LOSE YOUR FUNDING
Did Pakistan Really Know Bin Laden Was in that Big House? Likely, Yes
Pudgy Rep Alan Grayson Goes Hog (no relation) on When Asked About His Cayman Banking
While Blocking Christians, the State Department Invites Muslim Leaders to Visit America
It’s Islamaphobic to have a Catholic funeral procession

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New Law: On a Whim, the Secret Service can Stop Your Protest and Make You a Felon if You Continue to Protest
Romney Should NOT Leave Palin out of GOP Convention – or – It Will Damage Him
Don’t Take the Bait – Let President and White House Look Silly Picking Debate Date for Speech
Great Joke by Dennis Miller with Mark Steyn
Issa Reports: Another Solyndra Sized (or BIGGER) Green Energy Failure
Scott Brown Tells Elizabeth Warren She Checked The Native American Box
Get This: #ObamaCare Funding Not Coming in as Expected? Who would have thought?
Dine with Obama – Now 40% Off!
Joe Biden Loves Skinny Dipping – even in front of Female Secret Service Agents
Stupidity at its worst: BREAKING NEWS: State Department Expected to Shoot Down Keystone XL Pipeline Project
Remember the Reporter & Stalker Who Lived Next to Palin? He Wrote a Terrible Book on Sarah
Video: Paul Ryan Questions IRS Commissioner John Koskinen
Huge Obama Lie on Sequestration: Truth is Obama Admin Came Up with Sequestration, Not House Republicans
Hateful Tweets from the Left
We are seeing huge interest in Romney’s Project Orca, with more than 200 queries
Paul Krugman is Wrong – Still They Do Not Accept Reality – Keynesianism has ALWAYS Failed
Apparently a Free Press that Does NOT Use Valerie Jarrett’s Talking Points is NOT Acceptable
How was YOUR Recovery Summer?  Anything left in your 401K?
It’s #DanSullivan Verus Senator #Begich – Let’s get this seat in the Red
A Must Read: Strassel: Obama’s Enemies List—Part II
The Election’s Message for Debbie Wasserman Schultz
The Nobel Committee is Busy Pushing Their New World Order Socialist Agenda – Socialist Economics Nobel Goes to…
Official Stats from The Bureau of Labor Statistics that Obama and the MSM Will NEVER EVER Tell You About
After Tonight’s Debate, Likely Obama Will Have Some Packing To Do
The Left is Wrapping Barack Obama in Fish, making him “Sing” for his Supper