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Romney is Correct: 47% of America is Being Paid-off By Obama at The Expense of All Others

Romney is Correct: 47% of America is Being Paid-off By Obama at The Expense of All Others

First of all to the 47% who are living off of the rest of us, go back to bed.  It’s not even noon yet, and you simply must get your rest.

Now for the rest of you, you know Romney is correct. Let’s quote the New York Times quoting Romney:

He says those people “pay no income tax,” and “so our message of low taxes doesn’t connect.” Mr. Romney adds: “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Romney is telling the truth. Why would they ever care about personal responsibility? They are getting free checks, free food stamps (in a “credit card” so they are not even embarrassed any more) and free housing.  Because they are totally and completely incompetent, the school districts now feed their kids two meals a day.

Now let me tell you the way it is:

This 47% feel entitled to the money of everyone else’s money. They think that because they have a pulse, that entitles them to a bigger and bigger percentage of what we make. This is the people making Obama their own personal “Robinhood” so he can rip-us off and give to them so they can stay home, watch their big screen, text on their iPhone, go to the liquor store, and essentially “ask not what they can do for their country” and instead bitch about the rich.

They could change themselves rather than change our system.

They could get off their asses, get to work, go to school, stop wasting away and do something with their lives. But, hell no! They make more doing NOTHING.

And those nothings have representation in Washington: the insane Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

Losers, all.

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