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Will Nakoula’s Blood be on Barack Obama if Nakoula is Murdered?

Will Nakoula’s Blood be on Barack Obama if Nakoula is Murdered?

Let’s face it. Barack Obama is using a “big lie” to sacrifice an American Citizen as cover for Obama’s and this administration’s total and complete incompetence when it comes to not being ready to defend an American consulate. 

Below is from the Libyan Consulate attack where four Americans died, including the Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

Barack Obama is allowed to put Ambassador Chris Stevens in harms way as Stevens knows the risk and he has some knowledge of the extreme risk as the United States Ambassador to Libya.

Barack Obama is NOT allowed to randomly pick Mr. Nakoula and put him in harms way, making his video the “cause” of all of the Middle East tension. That is the “political narrative”  that is now being pushed. A political narrative is a nice way to say that they are all coordinating this big lie.

We are all at risk when this megalomaniac can do this to someone that opposes him. Nobody is safe if they oppose Barack Obama.

Obama wants to be able to CRIMINALIZE FREE SPEECH.  Don’t believe me? Then watch this two minute video. It is Tom Perez from the Department of Justice’s Civil Right’s Division. Here he is asked a simple question. You must hear this:

The bottom line is that Barack Obama is ready to shut your speech down, and he can do it. If you think he can’t you are wrong. Learn about how treaties work. Learn that a simple treaty can trump our Constitution if ratified (or simply not ratified, and left to stand by the President and the Senate).

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