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Most Hilarious Read Today in Boston Herald About Brown-Warren Debate

Most Hilarious Read Today in Boston Herald About Brown-Warren Debate

You have to see this. It’s absolutely great!  I will give you a few snippets of just how great that debate must have been. I am going to find a link to it. These snippets are from Howie Carr with The Boston Herald. His article: A note to Granny: You’re not in Oklahoma anymore

  • (Scott Brown) was pummeling her on the asbestos litigation, and her $225,000 payday, and on the $700,000 she and her husband make from Harvard, she seemed on the verge of losing it.
  • My favorite line was when he said, “Can you imagine a Senate with 100 Professor Warrens?”
  • (Scott Brown) cited Kagan’s almost total lack of experience outside academia. But before that, he hit her with a beautiful right cross: “I’m sorry I voted against your boss.”



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